Nike: Whatch

Change colors, add specific number or add personal ID on it at and place the order as soon as customization is done.

Advertising School: Amity school of Fine Arts, India
Art Director: Anshul Nagpal

March 2008


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if print ads, they should have been left blank for the consumer to color in. otherwise awesome idea.

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I agree.

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Just got it. Not that clear from the execution. Does it not need a relevant endline.

I agree with 'doworkson'. In fact I think it would have been a lot quicker if left blank.

I like the thought but can't that route be explored more?

Painting by numbers - gotta be a lot of cool stuff you can do with that.

Maybe not.

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hei doworkson..yup u r right......good idea........well the ad is too good...the product is not for they may have thought not to do that way like u said......good idea.keep it up dude

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vinh than market
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nice art direction

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First idea. Its an awesome benefit to be explained, again,
with a "paint by numbers" art-work. Although is well done,
I've seen it millions of times for custom color products.

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Wouldn't catch my attention.

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