Nike: Run Madrid, Raimon

y flatmate never does the dishes.
If something is burning you up, burn it off by running

Advertising Agency: Villarrosas, Spain
Creative Directors: Jon Lavin, Oriol Villar
Art Directors: Nacho Ginestra, Xavi Mauri
Copywriter: Rodrigo Gonzales
Project Direction: Juan Badilla, Edu Rojo
Production Direction: Patricia Garcia
Production: Dora Joker
Photographer: Chus Anton

January 2012


bate_palmas's picture
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Or tell him to do the damn dishes!

It seems strange to just start running in such an instance.

The logic of this campaign is completely off.

jponino's picture
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i agree... moreover, i feel it counter-productive for nike, it's like saying stop buying my t-shirt, buy only my shoes... and then move your ass and go running ! -->>> huuuhhh????

juanmarino.arg's picture
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Smell like advertising student

Advertising is the most targeted and massive art. That make it the most interesting art.

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