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Advertising Agency: 72andSunny, USA
Creative Directors: John Boiler, Glenn Cole, Robert Nakata
Writer / CD: Jason Norcross
Designer / CD: Bryan Rowles
Brand Team: Alex Schneider, Evin Shutt, Megan Woods
Art Producer: Rob Beckon
Print Producer: Sara Southworth
Live Action Photographer: Nadav Kander
Product Photographer: Hans Pieterse
Published: March 2009


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Why must we always come down to men vs women?

The truth is men have the greater physical potential, while women are more emotionally astute/perceptive. These things on their on don't make either gender better or worse, they in fact are blatant clues that the only way that people can get where they want is to try and do it together. Cheesy I know, but the truth none the less.

The ads are way too 80's in their art direction. They're another nike ad that is style above substance unfortunately.

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27 pencils

I think these pieces touch upon other competitive arenas of running. For example, overcoming the daunting mental challenge of pushing your body and mind that hard. It's a mental game where neither men or women are advantageous.

I think that the pieces touch upon it through art and language, but could have tapped into the concept a bit more...

The piece with the shoe killed the experience for me though :p

It's interesting how the competitive nature of this campaign leads to a collective running effort on the site. That was cool.

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