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Nike : just *woof it

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Rene, I think you're posting this without the authorization of the client and your actual creative director. Shame on you!!!


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Ok, this one is - run 'cause the dog is after you?
And what about that parking sign? Run 'cause you cannot park here? Or don't stop?
Doesn't make that much sense to me...

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Independientemente de si me gustan o no, los avisos de Nike aparecidos en estos días que han sido realizados por Mc Cann Chile ya han sido publicado ha página completa, quizás como trucho y no como parte de la campaña. No conozco a René. pero conociendo a Mc Cann Chile, si no tiene la autorización de los cliente y de su DC ni siquiera estarían estos avisos en esta página, que por lo demás en el medio chileno ya es ultra conocida. Como antecedente aparecieron en una 'cool magazine' llamada Blank

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Mc Cann. Por favor mejoren el filtro de lo que suben. No queremos ser el próximo Dubai.

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San Pateste
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guau, que desastre.

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No fixed abode
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I wish my creative director gave me such helpful guidance as YAWN. C'mon gibshellenberger. I think this ad, though clearly a spec, is actually quite good. Certainly very nice visually. Maybe a bit weak on insight, but still pretty aspirational, which is good for the brand, I would have thought.

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Good global vibe to it. Nice work.

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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thinking of so many fierce dogs on the street, i would stay at home or running on a threadmill.

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Tero Ylitalo
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IMHO this is really good. A very different approach, yet delivering the message. You better run fast, with Nike you can. There's also a second ankle into this. Dogs are crazy about shoes, and these dogs are going bananas over Nike.

"Pastes like shit."

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I noticed the dog 1 row in from the shoe and 4 up isn't angry, he looks like hes waiting for you to chuck a stick.

Good idea, preferred the signals one.



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also the casting of the pics are not so good. many doogs are behind bars... Why would you need to run if they are behind bars?

Even worst the, 3rd lane 2nd place, dog is in a competition...

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