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Is that freddy mercury???

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cheap, easy, and uninteresting.

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Actually, it's kinda funny. I like this insight though we have here some hardcore shit on this pics :)

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really bad campaign for such a great product.

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Well, I don't think that it is Time Outs business also what I do outside. But they are of course welcome to give me some suggestions.


The ads are a sad exercise in uncreativity. As far as I know there are three ads. One showing transvestites, one showing someone who likes to have sex with animals and one showing a mass murderer.

I find the connection a little troublesome.

Is being a transvestite as shocking as having sex with animals or being a mass murderer? Well, maybe in backwards Lisbon. The Time Out office should have stopped these ads. They stigmatize an already very stigmatized group that choose to hide in their homes exactly because of the attitude that these ads tell us that "we all" have.

After Benetton used aids-sick and dead people to sell sweaters I promised myself never to by any product from Benetton. That promise I have held through the years. After seing these ads I will never buy Time Out Lisbon.

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It`s kind of funny but i didn`t like it. bad art direction.

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