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good concept

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chintan ruparel
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the photoshop is a bit too obvious to me (and d shadows r bad). they got a nicely cut photo on a stock image, put a fancy looking logo, and bingo!

dunno why bt thats d 1st thing i noticed. don't get me wrong...perhaps this comment is a tad too rude, bt nothing in this ad makes me want to stand up and take notice of the apathy.

good cause though, i seriously hope ppl go on that website and find out more about it...and the only thing that pulls them towards doing it, im afraid, is the kid...not the idea

~ old habits die hard, older ones never do ~

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DON'T APOLOGIZE. BE TUFF!!!!! Defend your point of view. I agree with the photoshoppy boy. And there are no blond, blue eyed french kids in Niger, also.


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of course there's not blond hair blue eyed kids in niger. this isn't set in niger... that's the whole point of the ad.

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Hehe.. I feel sorry for u not getting the ad and giving advice to others while u r the one in need for one!
I apologize for being TUFF on you!!

This is one excellent ad anyway..

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Hi chints!!! I've often noticed that ur comments are too sweet, i've never seen u being rude to even the most crappiest of posts... Do you choose to be this way... or are you (just out of my malicious curiosity) trying to be politically correct... ;-)

Anyways, you're good, Sweet rather...


- The trick to forgetting the big picture is to look at everything close-up.

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chintan ruparel
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thanks :) u know ive read many books on advertising and everyone says they wud rather prefer good people in advertising rather than supremely creative assholes...n so i choose to b the former to start with! it takes balls to make an ad...why ridicule it right away, there's always a better way to communicate :)

~ old habits die hard, older ones never do ~

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Wanna buy a bag of vowels? Going cheap, get 'em while they're hot. Consonants, lots of consonants, I'll give you a good deal!

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chintan ruparel
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keep 'em handy and shove it up urs, u'll need them!

~ old habits die hard, older ones never do ~

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It's a def. effective ad, but the execution is not the best, as Chints mention the postworkin' is not that elegant and its too obvious + I dont like the how the poor kid looks like he has tons of make-up.

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Agree with the art direction. It's horrific. Good cause but I guess they could have found better situations.

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yeah photoshop work is very obivous!!.... The boy gotta shiny smooth skin... I think whatever he eats goes for his skin only!!!... But I do appreciate the step taken here!!

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Seen it.

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Ney Frances
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the concept is really nice! they should have hipebolate it a little bit more!

is there life before death?

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confusing. very confusing. am i missing something or the art direction was meant to do it?

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Dick Huges
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What????? You didnt!!!! Did you??? Yes you did!!! You did an ad with a skinny child playing in my neighbourhood so now I will care more about the problem!!! Nice!!! You are the #20 team that do an ad with the same idea!!! Congratulations!!! You just won 4 internets! Now go celebrate. Because these internets are there, in your neighbourhood.

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actually in almost every big city you can see miserable looking, begging kids and nobody really cares about them. people who are honest with themselves would answer to this question in the negative when reading it.
and most people would turn the page once they see a miserable child's face, no matter if it's white or black.
tough subject.

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Corona Raymaker
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This is the first help-whoever-ad I've ever seen, that made me actually think about it's claim (or in this case - it's question), instead of giving me the need to 'turn the page' ...
Therefore: Respect.

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good concept