NHB sound studios: Mongoose bowling

Any sound you can imagine.

Agency: Scholz & Friends, Hamburg, Germany
Chief Creative Officers: Stefan Setzkorn, Matthias Schmidt
Creative Directors: Suze Barrett, Tobias Holland
Copywriter: Dennis Lueck
Art Director: Christine Rose
Graphic: Dominik Hengge
Photographer: Ralph Baiker
Production Manager: Metagate, Hamburg
Via: Adverbox


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+very nice images


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this is funny. haha.

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Come on people! This is exactly like the Dulux campaign from South Africa - "Any colour you can think of" - It won gold everywhere! Am I alone here?

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I don't know.. I didn't see the Dulux camp. but still I like this one... it's simple and funny.

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drunk dave
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You are very much alone here. Dulux was about the range of colours that would fall into the concept 'any colour you can think of' e.g. pregnant black white couple - from shades of pink to black.

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needs better art direction though

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Cool... i like the visual... Funny

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Student work. But it won lot of awards.

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The only visual that works for me is the alien one. No one knows what an alien sounds like while giving birth because no one has ever heard or seen aliens. What I'm trying to say is that I know the sound of sheeps (and meekats) very well. Skijumpers and Bowling balls don't make any difference. A robotfamily shouting at each other on a kitchen table would have worked better for example.

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All three of these are fantastic. Axxl, everyone knows what a robot family shouting at each other sounds like. Robotty and loud. Bowling over meerkat skittles and diving into a flock of sheep is going to produce a much more unexpected sound.

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Unexpected? The skijumper shouts "Ahhhhhh", the sheeps "Baa, baa..". The skijumper crashes into the sheeps "Boom" "Ahh" Baa"............ Whatever :)

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I love these.

Clever thinking.

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Have Heart
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Funny, great stuff!

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Dick Huges
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Dick Huges approves this ad.

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me thinks
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Right on!

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