Nha Xinh Furniture: Folding Shelf

Lightweight Folding Shelf EEX5.
Fits under your bed too.

Miniatures that fold out of the centre-fold, and fold back in when you close the magazine.

Advertising Agency: Grey Group, Hochiminh City, Vietnam
Creative Director: Aditya Upadhyaya
Copywriter: Aditya Upadhyaya
Art Director: Rajib Gupta
Illustrator: Tuan Vu, Indika Munasinghe
Photographer: Guy Gonyea
Typographer: Rajib Gupta
Published: March 2009


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This is nice - but you can't tell me for one second this ran anywhere. The cost of this intricate manual insertion would make this idea impractical to even the most liberal of clients.

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What if the client is a part of a group of companies that also runs a magazine and hence gets free insertions!!! :)

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Hehe good one!

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I love it!

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Why would I want to keep shelves under my bed?

Nice idea. I agree it is scammy, but it is just possible this was done. Labour is depressingly cheap in Vietnam, you could get a crew to hand glue these into 5,000 (or however many) for peanuts.

However, it is far more likely the art director did it himself, on just enough copies to photograph and enter.

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