Nha Xinh Furniture: Folding Chair

Lightweight Folding Chair NEX2.
Fits under your sofa too.

Miniatures that fold out of the centre-fold, and fold back in when you close the magazine.

Advertising Agency: Grey Group, Hochiminh City, Vietnam
Creative Director: Aditya Upadhyaya
Copywriters: Rajib Gupta, Aditya Upadhyaya
Art Directors: Rajib Gupta, Tuan Vu
Illustrator: Tuan Vu, Indika Munasinghe
Photographer: Guy Gonyea
Typographer: Rajib Gupta

March 2009


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This is nice - but you can't tell me for one second this ran anywhere. The cost of this intricate manual insertion would make this idea impractical to even the most liberal of clients.

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The other giveaway is it is in English, which is not widely spoken in Vietnam. Target market: award juries. Possibly a small run in an 'expat' magazine, always a favourite place to run a scam.

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that must be expensive

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would work well as a print ad too

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The best of the three but same comments as before.

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Good Idea.


~ Quite obviously, I have gathered no moss ! ~

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No importa que la idea sea cara. Si la empresa tiene los medios para pagarla, bienvenida sea!
Es bueno para los publicistas latinoamericanos, acostumbrados a magros presupuestos, ver lo que hacen anunciantes con mucha plata. Sueña en grande!

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yeah, this one is the best one in this campaign

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There's lots of cheap labour in Vietnam. Could be done.

Just maybe not ethically.

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This is genius.

I-wish-i-had-done category

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i like the jealous comments. why don't you just critic the idea and hope that you can come up with something like this one day.

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oh plllease. You're speaking to me without knowing what awards I've won. I think up things like this from time to time but then resolve myself to the fact that I'm no long a junior and this is scam work at its very best (or worst). Then what I do is I get on with my actual job - which is trying to do good ads on real briefs with actual budgets behind them, and try and win awards off them. Maybe you should do the same.

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we'd love to see your work. what's your portfolio site? Let's see some real award-winning pieces

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interesting approach wit pop ups

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Nice idea. Poss scam, but perhaps this could be done if the whole dps was supplied and then stitched in. Hmmm...

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