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The Art direction certainly grabs.

The NH branding idea is a bit of a stretch.

Especially using caps in the middle of l/c.

Not quite there.

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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me thinks
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Fabtastic. I just love this. Well done, guys.

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Reminds me of the grand prix winning ad at Cannes for tate.

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Ney Frances
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cause of the colors??? cause this one we see is rubish and you are toalking of one the best alltype campaigns i´ve seen my hole lillte life!

is there life before death?

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Dick Huges
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I agree with you Ivan. And there is a bazilion layouts like that.

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Ney Frances
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ok, somewhat!

is there life before death?

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If either of you are familiar with the great Helmut Krone's work, you'll know that this campaign is a direct rip-off from his work for the Polariod in 1980. Yes 1980- a time when computer graphics are not even born.

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I like it.

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Killer Kowalski
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Nobody who is not into advertising will read this ad!

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