NFL: Garden

More Hispanic fans than you think.

Advertising Agency: The Vidal Partnership, New York, USA
Creative Directors: Mauricio Galvan, Thomas Schimoller
Art Director: David Galván
Copywriters: Santiago Uribe, Martín de la Fuente
Illustrator: David Galván
Published: September 2007


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so, all hispanics are gardeners and maids?

and what the hell is this ad trying to tell? so, the NFL has hispanic fans... so what?

i don't see the point in these.

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Maybe it's for televised NFL coverage, targeting potential advertisers who might want to reach a hispanic market segment?

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Why does a brand have to justify having a specific group of fans? Regardless of their race? How f**kin lame! Does Nike justify themselves by saying how many black,white,Asian fans they have? NO, because they don't need to. In my eyes this is bad planning from the agency and they should be fired!!!

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Abra Cadabra
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The tagline here is so utterly bizarre that i have no idea what to think of these. Are they for real? Whom are they trying to convince and why?

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