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i love these!!!! think of the extra blow you could consume!!

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John Huerbert II
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i dont understand the use of blue in this advertisement. why in bloody public school is it blue?
ashlands i dont understand why ypu like them. you must drink your beverages from the bottle and wear white after labour day.

the photographer made a hudge mistake in this ad. he had the fan on and it made the tie flop around in its wind.
some one call the agency and notify them of the mistake, which they have not noticed.

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You have a problem with the color. So? The message in the ad is loud and clear. I was expecting to see awesome work on your site, being that you are such a stickler for the insignificant details. I was expecting wrong.

Like Rowan Atkinson a bit much do you?

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What is the product?

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I think its a cocaine based nose cleaning product ;-)

"Sex sells. Truth even better." - A friend

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Doesn't work for me and i bet the consumers won't get it. Looks like he is wiping his nose with his tie.

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wow...i cannot believe the comments im reading here!

this ad is smart, simple, and to the point...how do people wipe their nose with their tie without using their hands??

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I think it would also work great as a single piece, showing only the exec with the tie on his nose.

Good job.

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this was done much better 3 years ago.



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