Nextel, iFollow: Tacks

Find your personal, wherever they are.
Nextel presents, iFollow.
iFollow, the tool that allows you to follow your personal in a map in the schedules you want with the GPS integrated in all Nextel equipments.

Advertising Agency: Teran/TBWA, Mexico City, Mexico
Creative Director: Gonzálo Muñoz
Art Director: Pedro Sugrañes
Copywriter: Armando Plascencia
Illustrator: Render Zero
Photographer: Flavio Bizarri
Published: April 2007


I think Im good tats why Im here's picture
I think Im good...
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done before...

LAZ's picture
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recently in 2 carnavigations ads, also posted here

akharwatkar's picture
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It should be 'Personnel', not 'personal'.

mrtalented's picture
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looks really fake and boring.

TopJeff's picture
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I like the concept, but the pink transparent pushpins aren't doing the job for me. More importantly, that is an unforgivable spelling mistake in a print ad. That one word is critical to the actual meaning of the ad.


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Scuba Steve
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No more tacks.....please.

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wow, poor retouching

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