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Dick Huges
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Using a newspaper as a piece of cloth to make someone warm? Congratulations!!! You are the #21 team to do this. You win 2 internets.

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One internet, two internets... : )

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*like the Count in Seaseme Street* AH AH AH!

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Yes. I've seen the idea done before, but that's not the point. There are tons of ads that share the same idea, but execution can make a big difference. I also don't necessarily think that you'd need to have an entire spread to execute this idea. You could have just done it as a single page takeover ad.

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Dick Huges
Activity Score 937

So what you are saying is that now we dont need to create new ads, just new executions to old ads and that is ok?

If we copy/adapt/transform an old ad the whole point of being a "creative" is dead. Otherwise buy a lot of old ad books and call us the "transformation department".

Sorry you are wrong. No internets for you.

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i suppose you've never had an idea that was inspired by a great ad.

and what the shit is an internet? did you invent these?


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Is this just a print or an ambient?

What i think if this is an ambient, which really printed on newspaper in this way (but don't block the texts :P), then this will be a great ad. Or it can be one of page of newspaper, and the news behind could be news about the salvage who has no cloth.

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Ney Frances
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is horrible, is scam, is a ghost, ahhhh! Is a typical brazilian ad!

is there life before death?

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