Newfoundland and Labrador Tourism: Bear

Black bears hibernate because they need a break from Trevor.

Advertising Agency: Target, St. John's, NL, Canada
Creative Director: Tom Murphy
Head Creative Director: Jenny Smith
Art Director: Jeff McLean
Copywriter: Terri Roberts
Photography: Roth & Ramberg
Senior Account Manager: Ernie Brake
Account Manager: Kristen Baker
Published: January 2011


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whattttt???? its bad

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You don't seem to understand any ad on this site. Reconsider your profession...

Aside from that, the campaign is bleh and the line is meh. Thats a constructive insight for you.

Quite really.

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You're so right prof! luispedromendezb comments almost every ad... Hundreds of comments... Almost only negatives comments. His favourite?: "whattttt????"

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the ones I like most are: "no no no no... bad", "jajaja... i like it" and "it's the better"

but it's like really bad annoying advertising, you remember it through endless repetition :)

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Black bears hibernate because they need a break from Chuck Norris.

Glut's picture
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no, no

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Visually a lot wrong with this and I'm not going to detail any of it in case the agency fixes it. Worth watching Trevor's video though, just for the sad f8ckwit's line "I like to grow a beard in the Fall... that rugged look.."

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How big is the "I have a lot of money to spend killing bears" market? everything else I've seen about Newfoundland and Labrador is all about what a mysterious, awe-inspiring landscape it is. Aren't the returns greater on that promise than on the "we have so much natural beauty/flora/fauna, you can kill whatever makes you feel good" promise. It's against their brand, for no great benefit.

And why does Trevor seem to be saying, "hey photographer, why are your pants around your ankles"?

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