Newcastle Brown Ale: Blowfish

Smooth like no other.

Advertising Agency: Vitro, San Diego, USA
Executive Creative Director / Partner: John Vitro
Creative Director: KT Thayer
Group Head / Art Director: Don Stephenson
Group Head / Copywriter: Elliot Allen
Photographer: Steve Bronstein
Group Account Director: Tom Carroll
Account Executive: Whitney Milne

March 2008


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Newcastle billboards around los angeles are by far the WORST billboards I've seen in years. It tries so hard to be creative but fails so hard. It's like a whore living in a convent.

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This is the best of the three, and actually the only one that makes sense to me.

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Smooth like no other? As in "color like no other." Can't people come up with new tags?

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jungle boy
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this even isn't real..

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sorry, but yes they are indeed real. sorry you had to see them that is.

| think small |

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LOL its not that bad siiiikkkeeee!!! lol

The missing piece to your creative puzzle.

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that looks like an...logo of EURO RSCG

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They have these insane advertisements around Los Angeles just like that and WORSE. I've never seen so many advertisements which DISGUST the consumer like:

"bites like a snake" with a picture of a poisonous snake next to their beer. and

"Hell is a dry heat" or something that that and then they have these other ones. I believe someone is trying to ruin them on purpose. I'm not sure who or why but nobody could be so stupid as to not do this intentionally.

There advertisements in Los Angeles are just INSANE

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