April 2010
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Advertising Agency: M&C Saatchi, Wellington, New Zealand

Without a working smoke alarm consider her dead.

Executive Creative Director: Dave King
Art Director: James Bowman
Copywriters: Dave King, Steve McCabe, Nicci Doak
Photographer: Stephen Langdon
Retoucher: Denny Monk
Account Services: Christina Mossaidis, Nick Baylis

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Adrian Butler
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Tragically, this ad gives the WRONG message. The copy states:
"Without a WORKING SMOKE ALARM consider her DEAD" Note: DOES NOT mention the word 'Photoelectric'.

However in another New Zealand Fire Service (NZFS) ad the copy states:
"When you're asleep you'll never notice the deadly poisonous smoke that silently suffocates you. Unless you have a working PHOTOELECTRIC smoke alarm."
See this ad by Googling 'new_zealand_fire_service_feet' Note: DOES mention the word 'Photoelectric'.

So why mention 'Photoelectric' smoke alarms in one ad (which is the New Zealand Fire Service's official position) and only 'Working' smoke alarms in this other ad?
The ionization type of smoke alarm in almost every New Zealand home (and hundreds of millions of homes around the world) have recently been declared to be "deadly".

The public must be given a clear, concise message - NOT Mixed Messages. When using the word 'Working' people think their existing ionisation alarms are OK. No - they are "Deadly".
The NZFS's Official Position on smoke alarms and CBS's 'Deadly Smoke Detectors' exposé are on The World Fire Safety Foundation's website.

We would very much appreciate any comments or feedback - thank you.
Adrian Butler, Chairman, former New Zealand fire Fighter, The World Fire Safety Foundation, Queensland, Australia (global not for profit that does not sell any products or services).