New York Lottery: Butler

DDB New York has created a new typeface made of money for their latest print and outdoor campaign for New York Lottery.

Assistant Designer:Niral Parekh


Huub's picture
248 pencils

I really like "Yeah, that kind of rich." and the typography.

George Souza's picture
George Souza
116 pencils

Looks good, sounds good. Hope it will come true.

Eugens's picture
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It's kind of a first thought, I guess. I think the BA Academy one is better, but then again I'm definitely biased

shahidali's picture
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Very clever copy. Straight to the TG. Wonder why they used this font and typography. A simple bold font with this copy would have distracted a little less.


Fernando Fernandes's picture
Fernando Fernandes
1401 pencils

Genial! eu gosto muitk de dinheiro rs!

MindDrift's picture
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Doesn't strike me as original. But I like the font, and the tagline.

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