New Times of India: Ganesha, 3

Advertising Agency: Umbrella Design, India
Chairman: Bhupal Ramnathkar
Executive Creative Directors: Karan Rawat
Art Directors: Karan Rawat, Dhara Shah, Smijith Nandhan
Installation Artist: Smijith Nandhan
Photographer: Ameya Kadam
Client Servicing: Siddharth Desai, Aarti Santosh


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Nice SUPW project

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r u frm KV?

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nice set of ads.

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That's a piece of solid work.

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Very nice art...

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It's all cool until you see the gmail address. Makes me wonder.
Would also be nice to have a bit of background to the content.
I have no idea what a Ganpati is. I know I'm not the target market. I just what to know the context of the ads.

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Came here to comment on the gmail address as well. Very strange.

But then -- and I apologize in advance for hijacking this comment to speculate on worldly affairs -- I find many Indian adverts tend to have something a bit "off" about them. Brilliant ideas, like this one, with just that one, tiny curiosity you can't help but fixate on. To me, it's a telling sign of a developing world learning and adopting technologies and trends at a rate many of us couldn't fathom moving at. In the grander scheme of things, I think we're all getting to witness a creatively lush part of the world blossom into what will one day probably become the next Brazil (in terms of solid creative output). It's all very exciting.

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Haaah!!! Nice!!!
Arnav you from Kendriya Vidyalaya?

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Concept is meh, but i like the art.

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