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Are those lines of coke?

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Yes, those are lines of coke. Traffic is a movie about cocaine, and how it affects different lives.

This is a decent campaign. But I think the Dracula and Spiderman ones are a little boring. At least this one made a little more sense to me.

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Agreed - confusing. Are the cars made from the negative/black space? Since The other two are much better.

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There are no cars, the vertical lines are supposed to be lines of cocaine.

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That movie is from 7 years ago! So, go to the Excelsior Theatre for old movies (or is this one just released in India?)

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Guilherme Bill Luz
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i saw this before in the forum...are those the same stuff?

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If this campaign would have a headline saying something about all time classics still showing at this cinema it would make sense. Or for a video rental that really has got all the movies you want, or whatever.
This is just trying to make an idea work. In other words, scam.

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these are not lines of coke. the background is a film reel. the lines are done by playing with the little holes on the reel. love it.

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So what are those lines then? A pedestrian crossing for cars??

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They're definitly lines of coke. That's what this movie is about. Coke and its devastating effects on different levels of society.

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it's okay, but you get the 'so what' factor a bit don't you.


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