New England Aquarium: Like all penguins

Like all penguins she gets new feathers every year.
Mine are from Paris.
Lillico the diva.
80 penguins. 80 personalities.
Get to know them all.

Advertising Agency: Mullen, Boston, MA, USA
Executive Creative Director: Mark Wenneker
Creative Director: Jim Amadeo
Art Directors: Allie Hughes, Alyssa Wilson
Copywriters: Kerry Shea, Greg Almeida, Elena Romeu, Dylan Klymenko
Digital Art Director: Danielle Marino
Photography and Imaging by John Holt/Dock25
Art Buyer: Tracy Maidment
Production: Kristine Ring
Digital Productions: Jane Allen, Andy Keyes, Kristina Loycano
Project Manager: Caroline Senn
Account Service: Drayton Martin, Amanda Chandler, Jessica Zdenek, Eugene Kim
Media: Erin Bilenchi, Vanessa Higgins, Gina Preziosa, Ryan Chan


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It's kind'a funny, but I don't think it will be very effective for advertising an aquarium...

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It's not necessarily advertising the aquarium as a whole. It's advertising the summer theme program which is all about penguins.

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In fact, it was very effective. I watched for all the "personalities" and found it very entertaining; I also heard kids commenting on the pictures and adults on the very funny tag lines.

They took the posters in the subways down a while ago and I really wish there were some updates.

It created a genial link to the birds, who are great hams, if you ever go to watch them, and was gently amusing on a hot day in Park Street Under.

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