New Belgium Brewing Craft beer: Wormbulance

Agency: Cultivator Advertising & Design, USA
Creative Director/Art Director: Monte Mead
Art Director: Adrian Matthew Glasenapp
Copywriters: Tim Abare, Greg Owsley, Bryan Simpson
Web Design: Aaron Reid, Jodi Taylor, Karen Mandery
Photography/Illustration: John Johnston, Denver
Published: March 2007


levilevi's picture
58 pencils

"It's all right now, for I am here"


I'd be terrified if that man showed up with that goddamn wormbulance.

addyhoch10's picture
2592 pencils

'follow your folly' and a bunch of weird guys... is this it?
to me this is a classic 'remember the art but not the product' campaign.

like.a.boy's picture
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Very good design studio/very bad advertising agency.

cozz20_1's picture
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sick art direction. kinda funny. building bikes seems less forced and on brand, however.

Rog's picture
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You see... at the bottom of each bottle... is this little tab...

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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