New Balance: Escalator

Advertising School: Miami Ad School, USA
Creative Director: Dan Treichel
Art Director: Brock Pisciotta
Copywriter: Marty Bonacorso

April, 2012


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I was planing to go MIAMI ad school before I see this ... OMG

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Good ad... for VCU.

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I like the unique perspective that your feet are your strongest defense against hidden dangers. So if your made of clay arm your feet well or the escalator will eat you.

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Worst ad I've ever seen. The idea is as lame as the execution.

AotW should have negative stars.

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This ad gets an F from me.

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Guys, lighten up. It's funny! Amirite?

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I get the feeling someone watched Mallrats before making this ad.

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The idea is sound. the execution is killing it. Please don't discourage students who post their work here.

Brock Pisciotta you can really see the kind of executions done around the world before you start to make your portfolio.
sorry but this execution doesn't go well with the idea.

Avoid Gore and blood to sell shoes. Also avoid puns. Puns are an outdated way of getting your point across.

ideas....30 minutes nahi toh free.

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The art director was a Zombie, or something???
Because I have no clue why they decided to show the idea like that

Yes, my profile picture is my dog on my sister's bed, with a pillow and a blanket...

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I like the art direction but the idea missed the mark. I like the idea about feet killing you, but it was taken too far to the extreme and lost it's insight. In this ad, it isn't the feet that kill, it's the idiot that didn't tie his shoes, not matter the brand he is using. I would have wanted something smart and this is probably something that was smart at first but was sacrificed for funny. Great art direction though.

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