Neviot: Cupcake

Advertising Agency: TBWA\YEHOSHUA, Tel-Aviv, Israel
Executive Creative Director: Maya Sharan
Executive Client Manager: Shirly Lugassy
Client Senior Manager: Inbar Goldstein
Client Manager: Bat Gal Gonen
Art Director: Dinat Zisner Katz
Copywriter: Michal Perry
3D Modeling: Uri Bakshi, Julia Titov, Adam Lachmish

December 2015


work and copy's picture
work and copy
496 pencils

The layout is nice and the copy next to the product is strong.

"So you went to the kitchen just for a drink of water?" does not seem like it is needed; the cupcake speaks for itself.

moreimpact's picture
30 pencils

on point. the copy diffused the visual strength.

innovative solution does not necessarily have to be complex

deangah's picture
113 pencils

Nice image, weak copy. מצטער

MatthC's picture
126 pencils

Great visual idear!

kleenex's picture
40268 pencils

nice visual.

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