Concert Tickets, Johnny Cash

November 2010
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Neuroth is one of Austria's leading hearing aid companies. With concert tickets in the style ofthe 60ies and 70ies we reminded elder clients of their youth and of how excellent their hearing was. And could be again – thanks to the new HI-FI hearing aids.

To hear like in the past.
Neuroth. Hear better. Live better.

Advertising Agency: Jung von Matt/Donau, Germany
Creative Directors: Andreas Putz, Georg Feichtinger,Christoph Gaunersdorfer
Art Director: Georg Feichtinger, Stefan Mayer
Copywriter: Magda Bauer
Photographer: Mladen Penev

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i am not sure if these tickets would be enough to remind old people about their hearing experience back in the days.. these are a bit dull. these don't say much about the product either. maybe the insight is good but the executions isnt using it as good.