Netgate Internet Services Supplier: Marylin

I´m not interested in money. I just want to be wonderful
Imagine if internet had already existed.
1000 million videos seen on Youtube a day.
May 17th. World Internet Day.

Advertising Agency: Plutón, Montevideo, Uruguay
Creative Director: Pablo Medina, Silvio Maldonado
Art Director: María Bissio, Silvio Maldonado
Copywriter: Matías Salisbury, Pablo Medina
Published: May 2010


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Gandhi, Hitler and Marylin Monroe in the same advertising campaign? Something's not right here.

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i can't even spell my name without 'ad'

AssassinX's picture
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Agree... maybe they just randomly chose several famous people

hufflepoff's picture
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I enjoy the truth in these ads,Its thought provoking although dreadboy-I see your point

tamils's picture
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but i can't understand the concept,y they using the famous persons (they are not at all related each others too )images for - world internet day... .its not a fair campaign

bobby666's picture
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the whole purpose of the communication is lost somewhere. firstly the idea is not clear. secondly, there is no symmetry in the visual aspect. personalities are chosen randomly. in between there is berlin wall.... lastly, please spare us guys.

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If only there had been internet in Marilyn's time ... then there'd be lots of Marilyn sex videos on the web.

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