Netgate Internet Services Supplier: Gandhi

My goal is friendship with the world.
What if he had had Internet?
700 thousand new users in Facebook a day.
May 17th. World Internet Day.

Advertising Agency: Plutón, Montevideo, Uruguay
Creative Director: Pablo Medina, Silvio Maldonado
Art Director: María Bissio, Silvio Maldonado
Copywriter: Matías Salisbury, Pablo Medina
Published: May 2010


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the idea and the visual is good, but the copy quiet doesn't fit properly in. or may it was lost in translation.

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Also, this is stolen. Telecom Italia, 2004, TV Spot.

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i can't even spell my name without 'ad'

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this is exactly what telecom italia did!

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Shame on you. Creativity is about being original, and duplicating one of the best ads in the history of advertising is something original, but not in the same way.

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there is a difference between getting inspired and copying. its a very thin line. but still there's a line. learn to draw it guys. being from the same fraternity could like to see original ideas. please do not malign our community folks. PLEASE. COME UP WITH ORIGINAL IDEAS.

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Had he had the internet, he would be busy chatting in the rooms and have not been the "Father of the Nation" India.

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Deberían pagarles a los familiares de Gandhi cada vez que usan su imagen. Si es así, supongo que ahora son multimillonarios...

"Si eres buen copy, presiona alt + F4"

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