Nestle Lion: Fur coat

Advertising Agency: JWT, Dubai, UAE
Creative Director: Chafic Haddad, John Foster
Art Director: Firas Medrows
Copywriter: Elias Haddad
Photographer: Daryl Patni


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Very cool. I'm not sold on them all being in the same room though.

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okay idea, I don't see why would I buy the Nestle Lion bar cos it will bite off my leather product.

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Always makes me wonder how they manage to sell these kind of ads to a client like Nestle. I would say their Account department has balls as no Nestle brand manager would let an ad like this out without the brand promise. So what is Nestle LION??? Energy Bar? Low Cal bar? Sports Bar? Will a consumer even get it that is an ad and not just a beautiful editorial pix? We see an ad, a consumer will see a beautiful image and totally miss the torn sleeve and the product.

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you're right desi. inexplicable how this idea has been sold to a major food brand like nestle.
no brand logo and the product almost vanishes in this warm brown colouring.

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Falls off short.. HALF-COOKED Lion

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They had this 'product benefit' for quite some time now. It works much better in those TV commercials they had some years ago.

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the product has bite?
concept bites.

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ahh. jwt dubai, you did it again. lazy bastards.

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ooooh i gotta get me a lion bar, for all of its arm-ripping goodness!

damn im sarcastic today...

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Whati is the message? The insight? The idea?

jonft's picture
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Good attempt if u r a student

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