Nestle Kit Kat: Break

Have a break. Have a KitKat.

Advertising Agency: JWT, London, UK
Creative Directors: Nick Bell, Russell Ramsey, Howard Wilmott
Art Director: Mark Norcutt
Copywriter: Laurence Quinn
Photographer: Mike Russell
Account: John Mitchell, Nick Jackson


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Jet Propulsion Lab
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Finally, an ad that shows the product. And nothing else. Not even a headline. Yet, says what it's been saying for decades...
Clever, boys. Very clever.

I wonder if it would still work without the tag and logo. They've got the logo on each bar, don't they?

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Crisp One
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Abra Cadabra
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I think the "have a break" headline is needed to reinforce the pause button idea.

It's pretty clever, gotta admit.

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oh yeah, Jet!

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I think it's top of minde for Kit Kate :)
But very good!

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Shanty Mathew
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T.H.E most I-Wish-I'd-Done-It ad of the season.

"Advertising sucks... ever so gently."

"A good advertisement is one which sells the product without drawing attention to itself." - David Ogilvy

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check out the JWT Spanish version and you wont feel so bad!

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It seems familiar...

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can't remember who did it but it was inrelation to the 9/11 twin towers and putting a "pause" on terrorism and stuff.

... its already been done...

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Completely different idea...

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Jet Propulsion Lab
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I don't even know why he put that link up.
People really need to THINK before they start comparing ads...

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The idea behind is totally different, but the visual is very close. It looks like they "got inpired" from the Nivea Ad.

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this ad was long time ago, wasn't it?

well, nick bell were no longer working at jwt since jan last year (2007)
he even got hired at ddb recently.

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I swear I saw it that long ago too.

You have to hate advertising in order to truly love it.

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very nice and simple.

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I posted the exact same execution back along time ago in the exhibition page. Reviews were bad. Hahah

The concept is only as good as the execution.

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Blue Koala
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it's simple or too simple. i'm not sure.
Just an opinion.

Just an opinion.

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its nice, but since when kit kat become an economist "smart" image..?

i love it as an ad regardless : )


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good. wil b better wtout that line!

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nice ad, cept it's been done for kitkat years ago. exact copy. not sure if it was singapore, but won awards.

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yeah, clear idea.

but utterly boring as well...

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makes me smile!

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sorry guys, as much as i like this idea, i have to say this execution has been done x times on all sorts of products...but yes its the right way to go when making an ad id say...good job

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Infected by a virus called CREATIVE | "And ya I Love Everything" |

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brilliantly simple, amazing it's original too.

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Gilbert Berkam
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Very nice idea!

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pause is so done. same goes for these kind of analogies. i like seeing fresh things and ways of seeing.
for me, this is just another execution.

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Disco Munky
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It's nice, but like has been stated above, this idea may have been done before.

It's still a good use of the visual and ties in perfectly with the product and makes the audience feel smarter for getting the visual "gag".

As much as I hate to say it, the general public are a bunch of fools, but hey, I'm one of them when I'm not at work eh?


"Make a name, or be defamed"

Doin' it for the points

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Now who did this ad first? Nivea or kit kat? TBWA did a similar one with Nivea

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done for kit kat nearly 8 years ago. its in the NYF annual. This execution is nicer though

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this is cool, but twix has been doing the pause sign thing in their tv spots and im pretty sure print for the past year or so already.

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I think I saw it too.

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the best "wish i thought of that" ad so far this year, well done guys. as for all the "seen it before" comments, joe public doesnt study awards annuals, not many people do, it's a winner!

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Jet Propulsion Lab
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Okay, I'm starting to nitpick here (because I like the ad), but here's a little art direction thought. (After all, I used to be one.) I think it would've been nice to leave just a tiny little bit of specks of the KitKat bar in the visual. Juuuuust a small bits and pieces, you know?
These bars have just been broken off into two and it just so happened that they "formed" the pause sign, almost like an accident. As opposed to neatly slicing the bars apart with an X-Acto knife and placing them side-by-side just as an anal tabletop photographer would...

That might add a little something to the ad. Nothing contrived, but a little human touch. Because as it stands right now, it feels too.... what's the word here..... sterile?

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This idea has been using for long time.
It's a good idea, but last time I saw was the Nevia pause.
So, if you never saw this idea before, don't worry, because you might be a rookie.
So again, you can search in this website. I'm sure you will see one.
For me, if the copy [paste] ad is a good idea, you can try to do like this and pround.
Thank ^^


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come on people this has been done at least 3 times for kit kat already plus, oil of olay. Please lay off the old pause, play, and rewind button.

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hehehe... now we have to ask ourselves: if it's been done before by the same network - is it rip-off or update?


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urgh. this sucks then

give 1/9 globe for it


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Classic...I love it.

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We did the same thing in Lowe İstanbul, 3 years before, as an 'İstanbul Metro' poster.

Simple and smart idea!

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This has already been done by JWT Spain!

This is a better version as it has been simplified.The Spanish version had a pause symbol situated between a fast forward and rewind symbol.Still nice though.

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Bit basic ain't it?

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Osama Nofal
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wow... nice & easy... great job


Trying a new habit

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Siddarth Basavaraj
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awesome.. can't help myself from liking it

Love creating ads..

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