Nestlé Club: Stir something deep inside, 2

Advertising Agency: JWT, Sydney, Australia
Art Director: Blair Kimber
Copywriter: Simon Armour
Retoucher: Andrew van der Westhuyzen


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What is this supposed to mean?


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Vibration in general I think. Such patterns are created by interfering waves.

Ivan Raszl, admin of AotW

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Then it's weak. When I first saw the other ads I thought it's sound wave, but apparently it's the same as this one. Why don't they just make the normal sound wave. It'll be much easier to understand.


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Juan Cabral
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Didn´t get it also...

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And I am not the real Juan Cabral, guys. So sorry for that!

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Sound ... vibration ... something else ... ???

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is this referring to sound visualization?

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i know this kind of stuff from you tube it's some kind of liquid that react to magnet.....

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Far too difficult for most consumers!

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I´m still slow . Don´t get it.

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they might mix their chocolate by vibration!

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I don't really like the idea but the look is beautiful and screams chocolate.

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It's ferromagnetic fluid. The spikes are caused by manipulation of a magnetic field beneath a liquid full of suspended particles of magnetic material. Cool-looking stuff, but obviously the creatives in this department just checked it out and built the campaign around it. To me, that's weak concepting. Just opportunistic. "We have a cool photo, now let's slap a line on it that could go with anything."

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I read the PR for the TV ad and the print and it said they mapped people's neurological response to eating chocolate and this was a visualisation of that. Kinda interesting.

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it's been said also, that chocolate has some brain reaction, similar to that when you are in l-o-v-e... (substitute or something).

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I don't get it... Anyone can explain smth to me?

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