no-ideas-original's picture
106 pencils

I see what their trying to say here but the impression I get is - you would have to be up for anything, just to try this. Maybe thats just me though.

no-ideas-original's picture
106 pencils

Also, since when was golf "Xtreme!" - doesn't quite fit with the other products tied to the roof.

ShaniG's picture
17214 pencils

Why does an ad for coffee make want to sleep?

Ed Mintone's picture
Ed Mintone
585 pencils

he-he :]

musback's picture
355 pencils

I second that emotion. So darn predictable. Ok visual though
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lamz's picture
208 pencils

I guess the underlined words in this ad are (cool) and (casual),
but they're not that clear so, i'll pass..

justpassingby's picture
1368 pencils

The only one that makes a bit of sense is this one and its still very weak.
Whats skating upwards and combing an afro got to do with "up for anything"?

I like the design with the wave but i hate the font its very early 90s.

Im suprised Ivan posted these because theyre so average

teenie's picture
1894 pencils

I think they're playing on the word "up": an Afro is up in the air, he's skating upwards, the guy is stacking things up on top of his car. Very first degree to me, although it's pretty nice visually.

lamz's picture
208 pencils

afro guy was trying (as I guess in here) to comb his hair,
it didn't work, but he doesn't care..
the skating guy doesn't have a car, but he doesn't care..
so they are cool and casual.. like this coffee here, cool & casual!!
got it?

Orion's picture

El producto es Nescafé "Express", y la fotografía muestra varios utilajes deportivos también "para llevar"... Me parece que hay un buen link entre la escencia del producto y la acción mostrada. Además,me parece rescatable el hecho de que sea de los pocos anuncios de café que no muestran una taza o un grano de café en la fotografía.

lamz's picture
208 pencils

..I really would like to know what your saying..
but me no understando ;-P

Jarne von Wolfsburg's picture
Jarne von Wolfsburg
264 pencils


twelve_noon's picture
617 pencils

i really hate this kind of thinking.

Brainsugar's picture
1586 pencils

I think that Vinokourof (ex-cyclist on the tour de france) should take this instead EPO. it seems to work very well and I'm sure you can't detect it in the blood.
Vino, trust in good advertising!

WasterLight's picture

I like all the colors in this ad.

Brainsugar's picture
1586 pencils

Yes for sure! And everybody knows that "good colors, good ad".
I would like so much to be a creative in advertising!

deep_tracy's picture
588 pencils

that's a big product shot/logo.

mayhem's picture
126 pencils

I personally like this one most out of the three. I like the way they treat product shot too. It's not easy to make the ad look good with big product shot. But I think they did pretty good job here.

Disco Munky's picture
Disco Munky
3900 pencils

All three are weak ads, built on a weak idea.

None of them make much sence. This would have to be the best, just because the rest are crap.

Doin' it for the points

Mr Hughes's picture
Mr Hughes
386 pencils

Please burn out my eyes!

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Guest commenter

Whatever you critics say, this is not a bad ad for a coffee. Up for anything is a good line, tells about the stimulation, this is a product mostly for drivers, I guess... And what has golf to do with extreme? Extreme is not what she puts on the roof, extreme is the energy she has to be able to do all that sort of things... I did not do this ad, but I must defend the creators, there is way too many critics here. Show me your ads!

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