Nescafé: Pipeline

Advertising Agency: McCann Erickson, Lima, Perú
Executive Creative Directors: Ricardo Mares, Mauricio Fernández-Maldonado
Creative Director: Alejandro Guzmán
Art Director: Nicolás Romanó
Copywriter: Alejandro Guzmán
Photographer: Fernando Salomón


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Like the simplicity. Nescafe clears your head, right?

.. / .-.. --- ...- . / .- -.. ...- . .-. - .. ... .. -. --.

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agreed, but how about people who read things from right to left (Arabs)? they might take it wrong. After Nescafe your work gets complicated ;)

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I disagree with your comment since the Ad's audience are not Arabs (or right reader ones); this Ad is made for Peru; if they'll do it for Lebanon, Egypt or others, I'm sure they'll mirror it :))

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Don Rapper
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this comment is insane...
Arbas might read from right to left, but that doesnt apply to pictures. they will totally get it.

As for the Ad, the idea is good, the photoshop is terrible, really terrible...

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dont work for me, i first see the straight line leading to he cup and then the chaos behind the head...

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Me too, I follow the suggested movement of the arm and cup.

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Me too.

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agree with dsklan, i think the layout does not communicate the idea correctly... even then i think the idea is cool...

Short's picture
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Same for me to. Should of reversed the background.

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maybe what its supposed to communicate is that after coffee youre off to do much more complicated work cause youve got the enegy for it.


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Too many times. I think. Like. E...

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Plus: the coffee goes in on the right and things come out of your head on the left.. The idea is nice but it is difficut to execute in the right way. Just imagine what happens when you turn around the backgrounds...

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I don't like it. None of them... Sorry guys

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Alan Zed
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Haha, too complicated to make a good ad, maybe an excellent ghost...

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anibal smith
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1 cuando tomo café se me desordenan las cosas.

2 cuando tomo café mi mente se ordena.

3 cuando tomo café mi mente se acelera y hago muchas cosas.

cualquiera de esas tres lecturas es válida porque el sentido no esta claro
de izquierda a derecha o de derecha a izquierda

la 2 y la 3 son apropiadas para hablan del beneficio de tomar café
pero se desprenden de interpretaciones opuestas del sentido o dirección de los post-its

entonces el sentido no importa?

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anibal smith
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when you drink coffee, your mind becomes disordered

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Wow!! Creative! :D

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Wow! efective!! :D

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McCann Erickson no me quieren contratar?

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I also see the straight lines first.

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