Nescafe: Girlfriend

Take some time off.

Advertising Agency: Publicis, Venezuela
Chief Creative Officer: Fabian Bonelli
Creative Director: Demian Campos
Art Directors: Yoryi Cantor, Deivy Marquez, Jose Bajares
Copywriters: Bernardo Tortolero, Luis Amaya
Ilustrators: Yoryi Cantor, Deivy Marquez
Published: April 2013


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really ugly execution.

why is the girlfriend's face covered but not his face?
take time off from work/from the computer so you can spend time with your girlfriend or your baby or etc.? THEN WHY IS THEIR FACE COVERED BUT NOT YOURS?
or take time off from your nagging girlfriend or crying baby so you can spend time with yourself? THEN WHY THE COMPUTER STUFF?

the message is really confused.

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I think the message goes to the guy in the picture. His girlfriend is part of "taking some time off for himself" 's plan.

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then why is it folders and computer stuff that are covering everything up?

it's all over the place. the computer files look like the solution, as theyre covering up his girlfriend and freeing him up.

but at the same time they look like the problem cus it's so messy.

but at the same time, why even use the desktop as your recourse????

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yup, done. except here the message is crystal clear: work/time in front of the computer screen is consuming you/taking over your family time.

in this coffee ad, we dont know if he's trying to get away from his girlfriend or from the computer screen

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I like the idea.

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It's a good idea. Execution could have been better.

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It's okay. Feels very familiar.

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Misma gráfica - Mismo concepto

Lastima que sigan rayando a Venezuela de esta manera.

Art Director · illustrator

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Gran fusil amigos. éxito

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