Negra Modelo: Coat of Arms

At the Head of Meals since 1926

Negra Modelo is the beer that perfectly matches any kind of meals. In order to convey this message in a noble way we use a metaphor – a coat of arms made of pieces of table setting, with a bottle of Negra Modelo in the lead.

Advertising Agency: Provid, Kiev, Ukraine
Creative Director: Kirill Chichkan
Art Director: Stanislav Khorolskyi
Copywriter: Alexander Valyukh
Senior Account Manager: Margarita Tereshchenko
Account Manager: Yulia Migonko
Production Company: Shootgroup
Photographer: Vladimir Shulevskiy
Producer: Yuriy Chornenkiy
Producer Assistant: Anna Shoffa
Art Department: Ivan Cherevko
Designer: Yulya Gladirenko

April 2011


svdg's picture
54 pencils

the art is really good, but there's something missing

lalmadv's picture
78 pencils

Yes you're right. A tagline is missing, something like "Perfectly matching any kind of meals. Since 1926.". Copy on the ribbon is weak and not clearly readable.

trilobite's picture
8 pencils

this announcement is not an fake for an restaurant ?

Ron Burgundy's picture
Ron Burgundy
1634 pencils

Good beer, good art

HellFish's picture
182 pencils

Good art, but, it's all?

freakart's picture
534 pencils

very cool


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resul ay's picture
resul ay
78 pencils

Look like Ottoman Flag

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