Nazol: Smells of the World, Sea

Wakes your nose up to the smells of the world.

The smell is such an amazing sense that let you feel the different aromas of the world. The smell of good food, smell of a perfume, the smell of sea, or even the rain. When you nose is blocked, you can not feel anything. Nazol gives you relief from blocked nose and wake your nose up to all smells of the world.

Advertising Agency: BBDO, Moscow, Russia
Creative Directors: Luis Tauffer, Andres Vergara
Copywriters: Luis Tauffer, Christian Balivet
Art Directors: Luis Tauffer, Teco Cipriano
Illustrator: Teco Cipriano

December, 2011


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4535 pencils

Cute illustrations and nice line.

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smell the vomit of the guy in the boat?

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