National Nutrition Council: Trash woman

Think twice about what you put in your body.
A message from National Nutrition Council. 1974

Advertising Agency: Dentsu Philippines, Manila, Philippines
Executive Creative Director: Mike Calaquian
Associate CD / Copywriter: Chan dela Calzada
Art Director: Sandy Floria
Producer: Dennis Carlos

October, 2009


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Bad artwork/photo/etc...the idea is interesting but not so "clear"

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Completely standard concept and which doesn't really come across in the AD.

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Where do i start?! I don't get the idea. But the artwork is even more terrible. Where are the straps of the bra going? What's going on with her right armpit? Why didn't you put the text on the shirt first and than go shooting. And so on.....

Respect for the 'comic sans' by the way! ;-)

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Let´s donate Photoshop to the Philippines

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Actually from the first glance, I thought it is an awareness campaign against the breast silicon operations!
Now since it is a nutrition awareness campaign, I’m sure that it can be done much better than this. Add to this, the sentence “A message from:” it’s so naive to put it such way, no!!

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Don Rapper
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the retouching of text in the shirt could have been better

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Does the watch she's wearing even need to be there in the first place? Makes the logo disruptive. This is quite bad on so many levels.


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wow. so many unnecessary things in this ad. is she wearing a garbage bag? please explain if the creatives are reading these comments.
what were your intentions?

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What the F! Is it a man or "bekla" ;D


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