April 2008

Print advertisment created by Publicis, Ireland for National Newspapers of Ireland, within the category: Media.

How giving up her daily newspaper turned Olwin into a dead big armed woman.
Don't under estimate the pleasure and power of press!

Advertising Agency: Publicis QMP, Dublin, Ireland
Creative Director: Ger Roe
Copywriters: Eugene Ruane, Ronan Nulty
Retoucher: Taylor James

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Jet Propulsion Lab
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I actually spent time reading this poorly written piece of body copy.
It is craftless and very forced. The word "dead" in the healine doesn't make any sense, either.

The woman developed her muscular arm presumably from carrying her laptop under her arm everyday to catch her morning train. But "a metallic megabyte-filled machinery" doesn't necessarily mean a heavy, large computer laptop. It could be something that fits right in the palm of your hand as well (since we're made to understand that she's "on the cutting edge of technology.")

Also, the tag line is not there to serve as any sort of pay-off, and thus feels completely out of place. An afterthought, almost.

Art direction wise, alternating two completely different fonts constantly in the body copy makes it very distractive to read. The overall leading in the headline is very off, too. And again, unnecessary mixing of fonts in the headline...

A very amateurish effort all round.

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Guest commenter

"Dead" does make sense, to an Irish person at least. "Dead big" = "very big", simple as that.

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Yeah, it would of made more sense if she was the "paper boy" and throwing the newspapers [ hence building up one arm ] and with people getting the paper online, she's outta a job, etc.

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the journalists proboably did the photoshop job as well... this is some of the worst i have seen in a while.

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There is really nothing in this...

very very Substandard & Clumsy both Strategy & Execution.

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Artwork is horrible IMHO, but what really bugs me off as a copywriter is that I couldn't help noticing that the two copywriters DON'T KNOW HOW TO SPELL!!!!
Shame on you! English is your native language, you get paid to use it the best way possible - which means that misspelling is an absolute no-no! As a Romanian, I have an excuse to make spelling mistakes in English, but as an Irishman called Eugene Ruane or Ronan Nulty, it's absolutely unforgivable to write "underestimate" as if it were 2 separate words.
Check the dictionary before sending to print, don't only use the word spell check, you lazy people...

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Guest commenter

Umm, vuxanovici, "underestimate" is not misspelled in the copy.