National Geographic Kids: Moon

Take them there.

Advertising Agency: FoxP2, Cape Town, South Africa
Photography Studio: Big Sky Productions
Creative Directors: Andrew Whitehouse
Art Director: Andrew Whitehouse
Account Executive: Elouise Opperman
Copywriter: Justin Gomes
Photographer: Andrew Vester Cohen

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Clever imagery.

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Lovely ad.

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So, is the smaller one just stepping on the big guy's new white shoes out of spite---if the kid was walking on the parent's feet (learning to walk), wouldn't they be facing the same direction as the parent? Disconnect...

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you are totallly right, that would be like the kid is going backwards, and that's negative. Then if the parent is the one going backwards is the same thing, they both should be walking forward, but that way the image could be confusing, so the ad fails. You shouldn't bothered doing it...

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you must be an accountant

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maybe they are just dancing... havent you think about it??? when daughters steps in their daddies foots...

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Looks like two astronauts making out.

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BOOSH! Get some astronaut!

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que se estan besando?

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not's an adult and a kid...but clever thought indeed...

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"Looks like two astronauts making out."


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very goood.

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very good! bang on target.

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Muy bueno, linda foto

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anyone who has danced with a small small child would recognize that is what this image is to represent - you give them a ride on your feet. this seems clear, given the logo in the corner.

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I LOVE this! As a little girl, I always danced on my father's shoes and the image immediately brings all that back :)
Gualcor... I genuinely hope you're pretending to be such a consistent IDIOT

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Subtle. Cool.

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...and then do what with them, precisely? The Michael Jackson Shuffle?

Joking. I know what's being represented here; it's dancing, as others have said. But while the image is attention-getting, it's just a little disturbing as well. Blame it on the age we live in.

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Does anyone know where this ad was published? Through the magazine or on a street board? THanks

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