National Geographic Kids: Avalanche

Help them learn the easy way.

Agency: FOX P2, Cape Town
Creative Director: Andrew Whitehouse, Justin Gomes, Noel Cottrell
Copywriter: Justin Gomes
Art Director: Andrew Whitehouse
Photographer: Stock, Rotem Shachar, B. Fasani
Typographer: Andrew Whitehouse


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255 pencils

As a creative, I understand it.

As a parent, it makes me cringe. Couldn't they have gone with a non-life or death situation?

Seems like they went too far with the idea.

ivan's picture

The little girl may survive.

Ivan Raszl, admin of AotW

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good job

b i l a l


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How is the shadow not right?

kakofonie's picture
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because they took the outline of the girl itself, transformed it down and filled it with black.
the "real" shadow would look different...

but honestly...who cares? (ya i do, but this time...)

...the ad is amazing - i love it!

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