National Foundation for the Deaf: Train

Advertising Agency: DDB New Zealand
Executive Creative Director: Toby Talbot
Designer: Hannah Jo Heffernan
Head of Art: Mike Davison
Copywriter: Verity Butt
Art Director: Karen Maurice-O'Leary

September 2008


SeanMartin's picture

I *think* I understand the idea here, but it's not communicated very well. Stunning artwork, but the concept is getting lost because it's not telling us enough. After all, how many people really know what a decibel number means as a reflection of sound? Not many, I'd guess.

LimitedTimeOffer's picture
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I would have thought most people are pretty familiar with decibel as a measure of sound levels.

That said, I don't find the idea particularly clear either. OK so a hair dryer is as loud as a train, not really a big surprise. Are we supposed to limit our exposure to hair dryers to preserve our hearing?

elnietodeNicho's picture
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i don't know what a decibel is but i do know that a 747 taking off is freaking loud... i think that's the point in here.

NatalieM's picture
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Agreed. I think the message is quite clear. And the artwork is ideal and well executed.

clairec's picture
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Stunning art direction. It's just beautiful.

The message that everyday stuff you hear can be damaging is good. I would imagine that this campaign is just to raise awareness of the issue - for example I would not have considered my hairdryer to be potentially damaging to my hearing or equated the noise to that of a passing train.

pmoniz's picture
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absolutely amazing artwork. good campaign

nemesis's picture
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The one with the headphones and the 747 is very clear and strong. These other 2, not as much. Still, good work and the art direction is beautiful.

shades's picture
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I hate New Zealand...talented buggers.
That art work is going straight to the pool room. Best I've seen in a long time.

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