National Center of Historical Memory: Eraser

There are painful histories that become forms of inspiration, transforming war into the beginning of peace.
6th Memorial Week. Lessons of life that one should never forget.

Centro Nacional de Memoria Histórica is a Government Organization helping war victims in Colombia.

Advertising Agency: Pubblica, Bogotá, Colombia
Creative Director: Ronald Bastidas Vélez
Art Director: Christian Vanegas
Copywriters: Ronald Bastidas Vélez, Juan Suárez
Illustrators: Christian Vanegas, Ángela Mejía, Andrea Gómez, Angie Galvis

April 2014


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Oh god, no.

An axe murderer of ads.

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NY Belfry
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While I'm not of this era, what exactly is that thing supposed to be?

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Forgive them Pubblica, for they don’t know what they’re saying: “it’s a subtle and catchy ad campaign to honor the many that unfortunately had to undergo this heinous and very long war”. Also, very nice art work for all three ads, great job.

Andrés Téllez V.

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