National Association for the Blind: Donate eyes, magazine cut-out

Advertising Agency: DDB Mudra, India
Creative Directors: Rajeev Raja, Nilanjan Dasgupta
Art Director: Jeetendra Sangurdekar
Copywriter: Faraz Alam
Illustrator: Jeetendra Sangurdekar
Photographer: Avadhut Hembade

December 2008


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Nice idea!

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no comprendy

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done b4

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Javier Ramírez
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Bastante bueno

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Made in brazil about 10 years ago.

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Muneer Bhatti
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dear sorry to say but creatives inspires with references, if this is made in brazil 10 years ago, i agree but may b this is stronger then brazil's ad, anywaz i like it.

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Dev Kumar
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Brilliantly concieved and executed...

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bad astronaut
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can you really donate eyes?

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Why showing girl's image twice in the top-right frame?

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Haha! Busted! :)

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yep nothing says it's a scam like such a massive error in the layout. But hey this site isn't only about published/released work. Just look at the idea and anyway it doesn't say anywhere that it is published (oops just took a retake, they have mentioned it as published, in that case, it's either a big goof up on teh part of the production/art person, so ya u can call it scam, maybe) so it can't really be called a scam. Scam are those ideas that are ENTERED in shows despite not being real client work. THis site should be and IS, i suppose, more about seeing ideas, not jsut real work, but all ideas. It's good. A bit expensive though requiring three pages, but good.

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Yeah.. i noticed that too. It's a scam then I guess.
Pity, I quite like the idea.

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that's the same thing I thought :S!...

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I really could not understand the meaning / purpose of showing twice girl image in top right frame

whether it is scam or real perhaps cant say

but Idea is really good.


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since its not a print or billboard.
the act of showing twice girl image is to show us, the audience the motion, by which the insight comes out

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Would have been even nicer the other way around.

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i second that..

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totally agree on that. but as someone already spotted it's a scam anyway.

i don't think the whole thing works. if the eyes were really cut out the first ad wouldn't look so nice

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just write
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good idea... well executed...

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Good idea... very bad executed...
Why showing girl's image twice in the top-right frame?..

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Good Idea....but Fake Execution!

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"BobAdaholic | Tue, 2009-08-18 10:50

since its not a print or billboard.
the act of showing twice girl image is to show us, the audience the motion, by which the insight comes out"

I totally agree with the above comment...would not be possible to show the transition without showing the girl's image twice.

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that's corect. but look at the second "girl frame". under the girl, it's... surprise, the girl again. so, it's fake. I was wondering how much work would it take to fit the eyes from the two pictures really nice. but it looks like they chose to fake it instead of working it. the idea it's pretty nice though.

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Good idea but SCAM.. well understood... :-)

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tanvir hassan raju
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Just AWSOME...beautiful idea and execution....


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It's an OK (not awesome) idea but bloody desperate scam effort! It's time to spread the news out, just like those scammers in Doha.

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very old idea

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so the little gurl donated her eyes to the old the gurl must have wriiten a will of donation, and she must have died before a donation could have happened....i mean its quite possible but kinda wierd as an idea, i guess, reverse could have been more encouraging and hopeful...

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tanvir hassan raju
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bro...i think..actually u've unconsciously reversed the idea.....the idea is as simple as it look like....meanz..the old lady had donated her eyes after that this little innocent girl is now enjoying the visual world:)


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realy good idea

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Muneer Bhatti
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good concept

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wow! excellent!

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luv it...A-M-A-Z-I-N-G...

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it could be much more appealing if they use old lady first and little girl second.. but anyway ..
Good one..

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