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This one, the headline reading is better

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Why the hell student work is here?

Why is it only Miami ad school or other famous ad school student's works always in the archive?

I don't think all of their works reflect agency standards. Like this one, I don't think is work, it is obviously too clever for me, and the thing is sometimes the student's work in dungeon has better idea than those ad school students work.

I think student work is still student work (eventhough the famous miami ad school) and shouldn't be mixed with professional work.

And this ad is bad.

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PS: I like some of miami ad school's work btw. I didn't said they are all bad.

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why is student work here? should only have work that has been bought by a client and ran.

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why not? Or jealous that they post their work and yours has never been released? Not talking about the quality of these posts though...

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