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Of the two, I think this one is better, because what's happening seems clearer.

I think the idea is communicating pretty well in this. And that's maybe the most important aspect.

I'm not a fan of the art...I don't know, seems kinda old-style - brings to mind the old theorists like Freud. People's lives now, in a modern world, I think are the thing to key into, even if a lot of the longer-established theory etc is still relevant.

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I think the brilliance of this idea relies too much on the art.

The insight itself is trite: you got beat up by your dad, that's why you're sad, or whatever.

Therefore, no great idea, and the advert is quite plain really.

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I really like this concept. nice

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this rules.

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I will say that the art is good.

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awesome art. WELL DONE!

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