Napa Auto Parts: Man's true kingdom

Reclaim Your Kingdom.

A DIYer’s garage is his kingdom. It is the only place in the house where he rules, even though it is often cluttered with boxes and stuff from other family members. By exploiting this insight in its print ad, the brand positions itself as an ally of its target consumer. It shows that it understands them and even encourages them to reclaim their turf by offering them everything they need to turn their garage into a true DIY palace.

Advertising Agency: BCP Montreal, Canada
Creative Directors: Etienne Bastien, Jonathan Rouxel
Art Director: Nicolas Baillargeon
Copywriter: Dom Bulmer
Account Director: Yanick Nadeau
Account Manager: Vicky Duguay
Agency Producer: Frédérique Bissonnet
Illustrator: Chase Stone
Published: November 2011


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Nice. Great illustration too.

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I Like it.

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kind of funny. nicely executed. but not surprising at all - the idea is so old you can't really call it "idea" anymore.

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What the hell is the product? Don't get it, man.

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Siddarth Basavaraj
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loved it. awesome..

Love creating ads..

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Hired on Art Direction!!!

Fired on concept!!!

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