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Pls anyone elaborate the concept....not getting the language

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I can't understand this ad ......

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I googled them, and they offer practice space rentals, for bands that want to rehearse.

The ad is a play on the lyrics 'Rock the cabah!'

The 'or get a room' confuses the concept a little in my opinion. I think they need to tie the concept together clearly at the end so that the core creative is more obvious. So people can 'get it'... people love it when they can 'get it'

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I think it works, but could use some more effort.

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that kindda means put upside down your house, or as said before, rock the house

on the other side, even if the concept is good, it is an already-used-a-billion-times-before concept, so i'm disapointed..

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Roger Keynes
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It's an outrage.

Rehearse quietly??!!

May the ghost of Joe S piss into your fusebox.

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