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Like the idea. Dubious cigarette, especially if one of the trades is catering - not much of a college if you're teaching cancer.

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Yes, if they are saying that the model is someone who is capable of greater things than flipping burgers, shouldn't she NOT look like a worn out waitress? If they were trying to depict the way a person "feels" in an unacceptable occupation, I believe they over thought it. Stick to one idea—"Are you better than this?"

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Unless of course--and this could well be the case, let's not deceive ourselves here--we're both wrong and she's dreaming of being a washed-up superhero at the end of her days thanks to a crippling reliance on cigarettes that stopped her from her veryfirstidea job of air hostess thanks to the rules of flying, these days.

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good thought and execution buy i gotta ask this.. the fire is real or photoshoped? :S

| Everartz |

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Let's see. Painted-on meat stains on the pots to the left, lycra/polyester mix bodysuit and polyester blue cape. I'd say definitely real.

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Not loving it. Not hating it.

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I'm kind of shocked that this is receiving even moderately positive reviews. This is a bad, bad campaign.

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are you kidding me. 'SUITED' for something else? and a woman in a super hero suit!
kill me now

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My comment is: "No comment"

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I think that these kinda ads are done to death, Everyone wants to emphasize the same thing. Showing a superhero cleaning utensils or a sportsman delivering pizza and all. I think i am kinda fed up of this!!!

And then GOD said...
Let there be creativity!!!

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Nude Copy
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this campaign is very similar in creative to the indian job recruiter 'monsterindia' campaign. is it a lift. Basically we at asian countries mock our intellects for lifting ideas from the west, now started vice versa. Chek the monster India campaing "stuck in the wrong job"


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Bad as the other ones of the series.

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what?? i dont understand

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Allow me to explain: it's a story of a young woman, past the prime of her life, working in a cigarette factory made from meat. She's not sure if she should marry Steve from accounts, or stay with Waldorf, her abusive dalmatian. The ad is the picture of that story, and that story is about a simple man in the wrong industry, who can't tie his own shoelaces or wipe himself without the help of others, and that man, I'm sad to say, has no idea if he wants fries with that.

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dean viii
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wasn't there something like this recently, only a lot better?

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Someone with a different set of skills in the wrong place. Overdone idea for hiring agencies and though fit in the technical educational institute, its similar.

This one's killed by execution. Should have left behind some elements such as the cigarette and a few other kitchen elements to keep the layout more neat. Btw, the sub-copy below is so small, i wonder whether its a statutory warning!!!


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The idea is good on a basic level. The execution with the super hero is not interesting. It's just expected.

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