NABU German Society for Nature Conservation: Megacities, Blue

Urbanization is destroying nature. Stop deforestation!

The skylines of large cities symbolize progress, growth and urban living. But increasing urbanization comes at a price. Every year more than 130,000 square kilometres of forest worldwide fall victim to it – with dramatic consequences for nature and the environment.

Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett, Frankfurt, Germany
Creative Director: Hans-Juergen Kaemmerer
Art Directors: Hans-Juergen Kaemmerer, Markus Georg, Claudia Boeckler
Copywriters: Benjamin Merkel, John Wilson, Hans-Juergen Kaemmerer
Photographer: Markus Georg
Published: January 2012


observant vicky's picture
observant vicky
194 pencils

what an boring idea...

salil.sharma's picture
2414 pencils

good execution

everartz's picture
7609 pencils

boy! this is so bad!!

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killazol1's picture
354 pencils

execution is good.

alausa's picture
1430 pencils

Folks who never got the idea are quick to dismiss. I think its a nice parallel: Severed, serrated tree trunk as post apocalyptic cityscape. People, when they can't say DONE, they say BAD.

chuckieT's picture
680 pencils

I think it is too tough to see that's a tree.

adaz's picture
82 pencils

Very good idea may be, without having to repeat it.

jackblack's picture
2328 pencils

Tree trunk idea no. 351.

ElCaza89's picture
323 pencils

I think this really works, nice to see photography in ads for a change haha.

sunilcreates's picture
166 pencils

what a boring idea...

Chopper's picture
1015 pencils

Nice picture, but what else.

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