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Charlie Pratt
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Not Bumblee! Nooooo!

Ha! Great stuff.


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yun siang orangutan
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R. Rinaldi
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Sorry, doesn't tingle.

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not bumblebee,
do to the one that was torn to half (i forgot his name, its a sportcar)

that will really work i think


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it was Jazi

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bumblebee wanabee...:)

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Im a gr8 transformer fan so I would go for it.

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yes, the tipo is not ok.... and the position is not good.


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Awesome concept, and production of a lovely, professional image.

However, this gets a medium-low mark from me as this is simply a pretty image, and should not be called an advert in any way.

The text is too small and the basic typography mistake of setting the text in all caps renders this unreadable without a squint.

Coupling this, I would state the product placement is also far, far too small. This is an advert for a product - yet the product name and purpose are hardly visible, hence my comment above regarding this as no being worthy of the title of "advert". If I were to drive past this, or flick through this within a magazine, a "pretty picture" is all I would think of this and you have completely missed the mark with advertising your/your customers brand as so often happens these days.

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simply ugly and not so original.

easy to say "art director".

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great execution..well done

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Nuno Flores
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The copy is too long

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Nuno Flores
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The copy could be shorter.

For exemple :" Finest cars have accidents too."

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