Mylanta: Steak

Don't send your food to hell. MYLANTA, against stomach heartburn.

Advertising Agency: Kepel&Mata, Argentina
Executive Creative Directors: Damian Kepel
Creative Directors: Alvaro Yermoli, Rodrigo Diaz
Art Director: Juan Ignacio Etchanique
Copywriter: Federico Wilhelm
Account Manager: Gonzalo Fasson
Account Supervisor: Carolina Montarcé
Illustrator: Emiliano Pereyra


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Awesome art and great idea.

.. / .-.. --- ...- . / .- -.. ...- . .-. - .. ... .. -. --.

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This is humbling artwork; the illustrator has been given (or has taken) the opportunity to personify 'Hell' in the mind of Emiliano Pereyra, using most probably the faces of people he knows, to illustrate the point.

Unfortunately for the client, Emiliano has done exactly what he was told, instead of questioning the brief, and has most probably not spoken to the copywriter in this campaign at any point.

We are selling a digestive aid:

Its corporate colours, and general colour-sense, tell us that soothing-blue and calming pastel colours are the things our audience requires.

These illustrations are luscious, descriptive, negative, harsh, horrible and exactly incorrect, unless you as a student can provide 4 supportable reasons to the contrary.

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Personally, I love the illustrations. I don't find these harsh at all in fact, the complete opposite. I find them hilarious. Maybe I just have a sense of humor.

It depends on who they were targeting. Yes their website is god awful and has no personality what so ever. But these ads do. Will people like me (23) remember these ads? yes. Old people? No. So props for trying to reach a different audience.

But what bothers me is that we ALWAYS see this concept. Its like trying to polish a turd of an idea.

Doesn't food cause heartburn? In that case why should the food be afraid if they are causing the pain in the first place.

I would much rather see these ads than some boring ho hum. At least they are trying something different (illustration wise). I just wish there was a new idea.

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I *desire* these illustrations - I could lay them down and write on them until my words dripped off their chins, I love them harshly from behind and in all directions find them magnetic. Eat something, send to stomach, absorption, end of, or stomach upset. I think this may be a 'Lost In Translation' : otherwise, it's a "Heeeey, look at the budget, don't bother understanding the brief, check out the sketches'.

Which, if I hadn't mentioned earlier, I *desire*.

What's the fucking product now?

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I wasn't disagreeing with you on that aspect (that the brief may have been lost in translation). I agree that you won't remember the product, just the art.

I was just giving my opinion on the ad and how it made me feel.

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My apology if I made you feel like you had to defend yourself, I was off on a ramble in my own head - with a Wagnerian opera soundtrack, if you'll believe that [don't, I'm in advertising, I was watching cartoons] - I think certainly the illustrations meet A brief entirely well; I have long pleaded for a little more information on the submissions to this forum, [IVAN????] about the background to the ads here. I think it's down to the agency to do a little work, explain what,why and whatnot: it's as much a place for discussion as it is onanism, and learning.

And dictionaries.


Shall we benign?

Er, begin?

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HA. I wasn't defending myself just simply stating the facts. I agree. I would love to see the briefs! It would certainly let us get inside these peoples heads (and find out what the hell they were or weren't thinking). In fact lets enforce it. :)

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Divesh Mehta
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The six stars are for illustration, and thinking literally ;).
I loved the portrayal of hell and food,,,,only thing I find amiss...are people actually going to connect with this ad as the copy is somewhere in the corner and I too missed the message....

Ps: Poor copywriters..still fighting for space

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very good art and illustrations. very nice

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Decent artwork, overall, a pretty weak proposition. Does anyone really care where they send their food once they swallow it?

The most redeeming quality of the ad, is probably the contrast in the fire red artwork and the soothing heavenly treatment of Mylanta. Which makes me think theres a bigger Heaven vs Hell idea hidden here.

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I think it's a bold ad, sure will make heads turn.


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Hillarious artwork.

who cares? ima play some tunes instead

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Art is solid.

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lovely idea. i'm giving 8*


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Good work here, love the contrast of the hellish illustration against the heavenly interpretation of the product, solid idea, great illustrator meets great art director. Fun and straight to the point.


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So hilarious! nice art direction

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